Sunday, September 27, 2009

Energy Bill would create 5,000 new jobs in state

In the day and age we live in, our society has become obsessed with CONSERVATION OF ENERGY and being eco friendly 24 hours per day 7 day a week. Now this is most evident through the importance that alternate forms of energy/green jobs had on our most recent presidential elections. Once in office president Obama gave a speech regarding “green jobs”, which in fact not only tied into issue of the economic chaos but gave a helping hand to the relationship between Mother Nature and the U.S. The article that I found talks about the bill pending to passes, in South Dakota, that would save the state around $226 per household by the year2020.
The article, “Energy bill would create 5,000 new jobs in state” written by Roger Larsen, has the same topics of green jobs, effects on the environment, and effects on the economy. Now an unfortunate twist to this “miracle plan” is that not everyone agrees on these changes, but they are rightfully justified. Some famers in South Dakota would not be able to work as efficiently with the new energy resources being used. I see both the pros and cons in this article, the article goes from both sides of how great this can truly be, but more importantly as seen in a short term point of view the effects out way the idea of an “eco friendly nation”. Clearly stated by Senator Tim Jonson, “Steps need to be taken to reduce greenhouse emissions, but it will take decades to correct the situation, Johnson said. In the meantime, however, there will be job creation and cleaner air”, and then there is the problem of how “if the bill fails to pass the Senate, it would stall the economy for the next few years.” I believe that to have such progress you must take in the good with the bad, although it may be a time lapse of 20 or 30 years, the nation will be that much closer on cleaning up mistakes made before. That is what the U.S. is; it is setting up a brighter future for future generations to come.

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Colt Kaiser said...

What tends to be the problem with any clean energy bill and initiative that have been tried in the last few years is price. To make money you have to spend money, and this rule applies to energy debate in the same way. There is going to be an initial up charge that might be steeper than the old fossil fuel way of doing things, however the long term implications will not only save money but also the environment.

As a nation we have always found the cheapest way for supplying our power, and for about the last 90-100 years it has worked very well. However the damage we're doing through emissions has to change, and there is no time like the present for this to start. There will continue to be a push for new reliable and clean forms of energy. As more jobs and classrooms open up to all the possible clean forms of energy that are available, we will only continue to improve our ways of supplying that energy.