Thursday, November 19, 2009

India Cabinet Approved a $19 Billion Solar Plan

Summary: India cabinet approved a $19 billion dollar solar power plant in the whole India. The power plant is designed to generate about 20 gigawatts of electricity by 2020。 The plan is only under projection right now, and the India will spend future years research as well as construction. It is reported that the power plant will provide roughly 1-1.5 gigawatts of electricity in 3 years. The report says that this super expensive plan is India trying to narrow the gap between the solar leader like China, and in that way it would have more leverage in internationla talk. This is a Yahoo News posted on Novenber 19th. Click here to check the original article.
Comments: India is the biggest developing country right next to China. it consumes tremendous amount of energy in its industry. Also, India has about 1 billion population, the electricity demand of India is very high. The purpose of this giant solar power plant will certainly reduce the CO2 emission of India. However, the concern will also raise. Is the solar the suitable source for India? Or moreover, Is such a large-scale solar power palnt suitable for India? Is India has mature enough techonologies to build such a giant power plant? Is this just a comptetion to China? I certainly doubt that Indian can afford such a expensive budget, as well as the effect of this solar power plants. But it looks like we all going to find out soon, since it will start its operation in 2012 accroding to the article.

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Diego said...

India as well as China are becoming bigger and bigger economically every day. That kind of solar power plants have to be built some day, so this can be the first step to a close future. $19 Billion is much money but if it really works it will demonstrate that sometimes it’s better to spend money to get good results. We always try to get the best spending the minimum, and this is what we should find, but at the beginning is better to go step by step. India is a country growing and developing very fast, and it has a perfect weather to install that power plant there. So even if it’s not the first world power or the richest country in the world, it’s good to try. It will be a way to see if solar energy can be the substitute of petroleum once we have run out of it, but also an experiment to find ways not to pollute as much as we do now. We should stop thinking always in a bad way and trust scientist instead of starting an argument and a political problem.