Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brazil and US

One of President Obama's priorities has been energy, another one has been foreign relations (after, of course, the omnipresent economy).  Public opinion seems to be heading in a different way though.  Brazilian, Spanish, and Mexican newspapers have Obama's meeting with President Lula (from Brazil) as its cover story.  I have however not found any information on the meeting yet on the New York Times, and took quite long to find anything on it on the Washington Post.  
I know this blog is not about politics, its about energy.  And energy policy.  Yet, sometimes (most I would say) politics and energy come hand in hand.  This is not the exception.  One of President Obama's priorities is to reduce dependance on foreign oil, or so they say.  This is not accurate, actually the administration's goal is to reduce dependance on oil from not reliable sources.  This means Iran and Venezuela.  Last year Brazil announced the discovery of a giant oil field.  If previsions turn to be accurate Brazil will become the 8th largest producer. Should the media not care about this?  I think they sould.  

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