Sunday, November 22, 2009


Carmakers are shifting towards electric vehicles. Policymakers must do their part, too

The amount of global vehicles is expected to quadruple over the next few decades and if car companies fail to produce more energy efficient vehicles, then the “world would explode” claims Carlos Ghosn. The companies Nissan and Chevrolet have begun to assemble cars that are solely propelled by electric motors, slowly replacing the conventional car industry we have today. As seen in the lectures, every electric car produced has substantial effects on the environment and could eventually lead to a reduction of man-made greenhouse gases.

The cost of redesigned components and the cost of generating electricity could slow the process of transferring to zero emission vehicles. These high costs could be avoided if the transformation became worldwide and the industry completely switched to electric vehicles, that way the price of buying all new equipment to produce a small volume of cars would be eliminated. The government can also play a part to stimulate the switch by raising the price on gasoline or by placing a tax on the carbon emissions released. Either way, the cost is a fleeting manner when it comes to the health of the world.


Vladimir said...

So basically the cars we use these days, is a threat to both us and the world? I agree, a solution would be to switch are engine power vehicles to energy efficient vehicles. But I think there are plenty more ways to help out our environment just by switching to energy use, we just have not thought about them yet. So far Nissan and chevrolet have begun to make the switch. I think that every car brand should be enforced to switch to energy efficient vehicles, thats if we want progress to be made.

Colt Kaiser said...

It seems like it's the same story you often hear. The new technology is always much more expensive and not an option for the masses. It seems apparent to a majority of people that once again the mpg per car needs to increase because we as a nation are emitting carbon at an unnecessarily high rate. It always seems like the public needs to push for an idea or policy before politicians themselves will try to push a topic. I think when America and the world as a whole become collectively sure that they want to become greener will we see legislation being passed.

Bartleby said...

The car companies aren't going to make more fuel efficient cars if the consumers don't demand them. The government needs to step in to help us move towards hybrid cars, and thereby reducing carbon emissions. There is a lot of money in the car industry, and the companies are racing towards more fuel efficient cars.