Sunday, November 15, 2009

India to Boost Funding for Solar Power

Climate change is a global problem that many countries are working on tackling. Although it may not be a drastic enough step, India's move towards solar energy is beneficial to the world and India. Sunlight is abundant in India in contrast of other renewables: wind and hydroelectric. Right now, India produces about 7.5% if their energy from renewable sources with the majority being wind. The government's new policy is aimed at increasing solar-power generation to 20,000 megawatts by 2020 from three megawatts. India is also working on energy efficiency of cars and consumer appliances in their efforts to adapt to a more economical, and sustainable energy profile. America, Russia, and others who seem to show an unwillingness to act on climate change need to realize that if we all work together, we can significantly cut carbon emissions. If developing countries play their part in the action we collectively need to take, we are moving in the right direction. Solar power is a technology that should continue to develop and become competitive in the future, and investing in it is a sound strategy.


Colt Kaiser said...

It's smart that India is already taking steps to combat climate change since they have such a large population. I have to disagree with the author of this post however when they show that America has an unwillingness to act. President Obama just recently announced over 150 million dollars in grants for smart grid technology which has the potential to greatly cut down on the pollution. ( Solar is a good alternative option for India but I wonder if they ever considered energy from waste. They have such a large population in a relatively concentrated area it seems like it would be a feasible alternative. That said, any renewable resources that are used help the world and are a wise decision for us all.

Borja JR said...

As of right now, experts have predicted a time when no more conventional fuel sources can be obtained. With increasing population the only thing that can happen is that the demand can increase even more. There really isn't one solution. In fact what needs to be done is to obtain as much energy as possible from as many sources as possible. This includes investing in as many technologies as possible. Right now solar energy seems to be behind other sources because as efficiency is considerably low. There simply isn't enough silicon in the world to manufacture PV cells to satisfy the actual demand. However the fact is that the most amount of power in the solar system comes from the sun and for this reason the most amount of power obtainable is also from the Sun. This is a good enough reason for countries to spend money in a technology that undoubtedly has still a long way to go. The potential is huge and the more money invested into improving the overal effiency of solar radiation capture the better.
Since the inclusion of thermal storage systems they trully have upped the ante. The future certainly looks like its going in the right direction with moves like the ones taken by india

Xochitl said...

Like stated above, India's big population is capable of making a big effect tackling global warming/climate change. The plans that Dr. B. Bhargava has are already being put into works and can make a big change not only in climate change but culturally as well. Although it has a large population, this country is stilling developing, nor does that stop them.

The United States is suppose to be the "big brother" of the world and be the example, yet India is doing a good job all on its own. It shows that you do not have to be the "big rich country" to make a difference in your nation and world.