Sunday, November 22, 2009

Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower

This article is the exact opposite from "No peak in oil before 2030, Study says" that I've posted.

This article states that "the world has already past it's oil peak production," but people like the US are trying to bend the truth so that there will not be panic in the financial markets. Also, "Americans fear the end of oil supreacy because it will threaten their power over access to oil resources," no one wants to admit the truth of the future of oil, therefore, no one is saying it.

People need to know exactly what the oil supplies future has, so their eyes can open up to new resources. Being optimistic is good but when it is talking about oil and resources this world has I think the truth should be nice and clear. Like I stated before we need to start on planning for the future, but not just that, we also need to start putting into work and finding a way to have our nation changing their lifestyles; they are going to have to change it anyway why not now.

Read this article it is way more interesting than the one I posted before.


Diego said...

It doesn’t matter if we are running out of oil in 5 or 50 years, the fact is that we are running out of it. Therefore we have to find a way to avoid it or at least to substitute it. Saying we only have oil for 5 more years makes people to be in panic, there are other ways to make people react and do something to fix it. It’s only needed to make people scare about it but not be in panic in order to get productive ideas and solutions. The important point is not to leave it for the last minute, because maybe we find an alternative resource but we need oil to start working with it, and if we have already run out of oil then it will be impossible.
But why are we publishing all these articles in the news? Why do we want people to be in panic? Shouldn’t we just investigate, find the solution and then publish the new achievement that will help us to get energy in the future? It is not very helpful to make people worry about something they can’t fix.

Bartleby said...

The politics of oil are far reaching. It isn't hard to believe that the government would want more favorable estimates of the amount of oil left, because we can use that estimate for political purposes and to flex our international muscles. Perhaps there would be temporary chaos internationally in the stock markets of the world, but it is better to have the true figures out there so we can adapt and prevent the much longer lasting chaos that would come when we don't have enough oil for our purposes. The only way to avoid that is to prepare for it, and to develop alternative sources of fuel.

Vladimir said...

This article is interesting because "people like the us" are avoiding the truth. I do not understand why is it that they are ignoring what is happening with our oil. If we know we are running out why not try to do something about it so that we will not be in a huge panic. Its best to do something now then later on. Fixing a little problem is best then fixing something that could be impossible or may require huge sacrifices. People should know what is going on, and should know what are oil supplies are, not so that they can panic about it but so that they can realize that the way we are using our oil these days is up a lot of our oil.

itzy said...

We read articles that say that we still have a lot of oil left in the world and we also read articles that say that we have very little left. So, which one should we believe? How do we know which article is saying the truth? We can’t really know because they’re all estimates, but either one can be wrong. The point here really is that in the future, it doesn’t matter if it’s in 10 years or 50 years, we are going to run out of oil. That’s what we really need to worry about and we really need to work to increase the amount of energy we get from alternate sources just in case we run out of oil sooner than expected.