Wednesday, February 11, 2009

stimulus money for austin

There have been a number of posts on the blog talking about the stimulus package that is making its way around the Capitol. Emily has a great post on the breakdown of what's in the stimulus package relating to energy. I mean, $900 B is a lot of money, it's good to know what's in it, right? I've been wondering what the stimulus package has in store for Austin though.

Almost by chance, I came across this post from a blog here in Austin, Downtown Austin. Of interest is money to expand the commuter rail line in Austin. It's good to see Austin taking steps to implement better public transportation to reduce fuel consumption, traffic delays and emissions. The neat thing is you can go on to the site and vote for different stimulus items you like. The full website lists the other stimulus items requested for Austin.

What do you think of some of these requests? Is there anything you think Austin could benefit from?

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