Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wind Energy in Mexico

Mexico’s oil production is facing a steep decline: its daily oil production decreased from 3.08 million barrels per day in 2007 to 2.79 million in 2008. [1] To counteract this fact the country now allows the private participation in the electricity generation from renewable sources. This is one of the main regulatory changes in the recently approved Energy Reform. One of the most promising alternatives is the Wind Energy.

The first energy project in Mexico started generating electricity in 1997. It consisted in a wind farm located in La Venta, Oaxaca. This project has a capacity of 1,575 kW and runs seven 225 kW generators. At the end of 2004 Mexico had increased its Wind Energy capacity to 5 MW [2]. The most recent Wind project was inaugurated on January 23rd. This 79.9 MW project, located in Oaxaca, consists of 94 turbines, each one with a capacity of .85 MW. The plant is expected to provide 290 GW annually. At this moment, only 30 MW are operational and it is expected to be completed at the end of the first quarter. [3]

In the next decade, Mexico will increase its Wind Energy capacity; there will be ten new facilities that jointly account for a 3,800 MW capacity increase. These projects require an investment of 4,650 MUSD. [4]


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