Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 22, 2009: EARTH DAY

As everyone should know, last week was Earth Week 2009. UT was definitely active in recruiting student participation, with events like Plant a Tree Releaf Ceremony or Meet Captain Planet and get your picture taken! Here is the full list of UT's Earth Week Activites.

Similarily, Austin schools of all levels participated in some form or fashion to celebrate Earth Week and increase student awareness of environmental issues. Many elementary and middle and high schools' efforts were mentioned in Thursday's Austin American-Statesman, Commuting to school, the Earth Day way.

The article focused on children from Doss Elementary bicycling, scooting, skating or walking to the school instead of having their parents drive them. Apparently, the effort was a big success. At Highland Park Elementary, a teacher figured about 85percent of students walked at least part-way to school Wednesday. Doss Elementary also organized "Black Out Monday", where teachers turned their lights off for a full hour, and "Trash Free Tuesday", where students brought their lunches in reusable bags and ate with reusable utensils.

Many others were also recognized in the article. A first grade class at Allison Elementary cleaned a park playground. Ridgeview Middle School accepted old computers to be refurbished and donated to children. The nonprofit group Keep Austin Beautiful taught fourth graders at Kiker Elementary School about litter clean up. Sixth graders at O. Henry Middle School built a campus garden, and Seniors at Akins High School left on Friday for a weekend-long beach clean-up in Galveston.

It was nice to read about the numerous ways students of all ages gave so much of themeselves to Earth Day this year, and how fun they had doing it. Now, if only Earth Day could happen every day!


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