Sunday, April 26, 2009

Future Proof Jobs for Today's Market

I read an article on Popular Mechanic last week. The title of the article is “ 10 Future Proof Job You Can Get Right Now”. Here is the Link. (
It is a very interesting article. The article shows 10 different jobs that are currently hot in the market and the companies that associate with those jobs will continue to grow even during the financial crisis today. It is not surprising that 5 out of 10 jobs are directly related to energy. Here are the descriptions of them.
1) Zero-Energy Home Architect: combine sustainability methods with architect design to enable home of building to have a zero net energy.
2) Heat and Power Mechanic: Saving energy by using the excessive heat developed by the power plant for additional water heating or reheating and climate control.
3) Energy Engineer: Redesign by increasing system efficiency and reducing overall energy consumption.
4) Wind Explorer: Wind turbine installation in the U.S. and developing country. Research and development opportunity in wind turbine technology in varies University.
5) Battery Engineer: Design the next generation battery for hybrid cars for U.S. car manufactures.
President Obama’s energy plan perhaps has a lot to do with the popular job demand is energy sectors. Here are some of his programs that are currently involved.
1) President Obama is currently developing a program to lease the federal water for wind energy and ocean current energy.
2) President Obama’s tax credit on PHEV cars. He plans to put over 1 million PHEV cars on the road by 2015.
3) The adoption of zero-net energy homes and building in California that could become a model for rest of the states and the world.

Perhaps the economic crisis that we face today is actually beneficial to the researches and developments in sustainable energy sector. By seeing this trend, I believe that the future development in sustainability technology program will continue to flourish.

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