Thursday, May 1, 2008

India's Energy Dilemma

For my individual project I decided to write about the policies with respect to oil and gas as well as renewables that India already has in place and what reforms I think should be implemented in its quest for development. I decided to leave out coal mainly because of time constraints but also due to tons of literature that is already present on it. With respect to oil and gas, I found that the National Exploration and Production Policy was by far the best thing that happened to India's energy sector. This policy which made foreign investment available for exploration and production, has increased the Indian reserves by almost 60%. In the paper I talk about some of the negatives but mainly positives of the NELP. I also discuss some of the renewable energies that are actively being pursued in India and their related policies. I found that wind was perhaps the most subsidized technology with solar not far behind.
India is taking some bold steps in terms of policies to guarantee its energy security for the future. My worry for India is that in its quest for energy independence it does not compromise infrastructure development which is equally vital for its growth.

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