Thursday, May 8, 2008

Question: What does constitute in this graph?

Hey does anyone know what the giant other constitutes in this graph that I got from one of Dr. Webber's slides? 32% is the largest percentage by far in the pie chart, so what falls under it?


Aziz Hussaini said...

It corresponds to all the plug in items in your home (i.e. computer, coffee makers, toaster, microwave, tv, dvd, cable box, wireless router, hair dryer, ....)

Steven Meyers said...

Dr. Alan Meier at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (and the founder of Home Energy journal) has done a lot of work on "standby power" which he has measured at 10% of residential electric loads. See I'm assuming then, the other 22% (32% - 10%) is from those plugloads that are actually being used (i.e. TV is on and not just in standby mode). If that's the case, then ~one third of all plug-load electricity is not providing any useful service and is only the "leaking" standby energy. Does anybody have a more detailed breakdown from the remaining 22% of "Other"