Saturday, May 3, 2008

One bike at a time...

The podcasting project was by far one of my favorite assignments all of college. I think it really forces you to take all the proper steps of a research project because you are forced to think in terms of multimedia. To explain further:

normal steps for student research project:
-get a bunch of books
-read a really small portion of them
-try and come up with original idea
-use sources for quotes, but be sure not to plagiarize
-throw something together the night before

steps for podcast research project:
-come up with idea, theme, purpose
-think of ways to use all types of media
-research some in the normal manner
-go out and get all your pictures, footage, etc
-get inspired for further detail
-spend a lot of time editing
-end up with a really good project

I think because the podcast involves many different forms of media - it is hard not to do a good job. Because if you really put the time in to get your background stuff done, you are invested and want to do a good job.

I really hope y'all take the time to subscribe to our ETP podcasts - I know all of us put a lot of time into our projects. And if you ever get the chance to make a podcast again, take it!

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