Thursday, May 1, 2008

The True Cost of PHEVs

For my individual project (I chose to make a podcast) I calculated the "true cost" of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. I calculated costs for four categories: Traditional (fuel) costs, cost of air emissions, cost of water use, and cost of national security impacts. The last one ended up as a discussion with no true $$$ outcome.

The results showed that, while PHEVs are the cheapest even under my new calculations, this could change as water concerns grow. That is, as water conservation slides to the forefront, PHEVs will slide away. Also notable, as national security concerns become more costly, PHEVs become more economical.

Included is what I believe to be an interesting discussion on carbon cap and trade, as well as how each of the three current Presidential hopefuls are including PHEVs in their energy policy proposals. Also is a brief discussion of EISA 2007....

All in all, I learned a lot by doing this project (both on PHEVs and on iMovie and GarageBand.. which I have never used before being a non-Mac person).

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