Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Campaign Against Emissions Picks Number

Many campaigns have been formed that focus on global warming. In this article the campaigners have become a bit more creative in their approach to their protest and focused on the number 350. This number means that "if the gas concentration exceeds 350 for long, they warn, the world can expect decades of disrupted climate patterns, rising sea levels, drought and famine."

The Earth is going to diminish slowly and we are obviously going to go down with it. There are many things that have been killing this planet, and carbon emissions is one form. Trees are important in reducing carbon emissions, yet many trees are being cut every day. I think people hesitate in making a sacrifice because they do not want to change their lifestyles. I do not understand why saving the environment would not be on every one's list of "Things to Do."


Orbi Dayrit said...

As the demand for energy increase, without better technology, the pollution problem will only get worse. I don't think we should be aimed on drastically cutting down the heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; rather we should be focused on slowing down its rate of growth, as it is a more realistic goal. I agree with what Reilly says in the article, we are already at risk and have endangered the environment that now we can only manage the consequences, risks, and prevention from causing more damage.

I think that the attempt to use the 350 slogan is a scare tactic to get people to immediately cut down on their carbon footprint. While others may view that since we are already over the 350 landmark, that there is no use in trying to get below it.

itzy said...

I think that now that we are over 350 ppm it is going to be extremely hard to go back to that number, but it’s still such a good idea to try to push people to contribute in some way to help meet that goal. I think that not everybody realizes how important it is to really try and do something to reduce carbon emissions because they don’t really see how it is affecting us or how it will affect us in the near future. So probably the best thing that can be done in order for more people to care and take action is keep up with these types of campaigns that really help illustrate people about the situation.

Shikhar.Singh said...

It's interesting that many scientists believe that "350 is so impossible to achieve that to make it the goal risks the reaction that we are already over the cliff!" -- I feel this is sort of a nihilistic way to approach the problem... maybe 350 is impossible, but shouldn't we strive for the impossible when what is at stake is the earth? the 350 campaign exemplifies to me the combination of an idealistic movement and pragmatic calls for reform. It definately seems like environmentalist movements are finally taking their form... hopefully we will head their call to save the earth.

Vladimir said...

I believe that people do not realize that most of the things we do affect our planet. I guess they are just expecting the worst to happen in order to realize that our way of living has been hurting our planet. Since we are above 350, it will be hard to achieve what it is we want, but we should do anything to help out the planet we live in.