Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Climate: a bipartisan problem that needs a bipartisan solution

As we know, global warming is not just a mundane myth, is is increasingly becoming a global reality and unless we do something to curb our effect on the environment now, we're going to see something close to an environmental rapture in the years to come. It seems like after quite sometime, the senate democrats seem to have gotten the message. Although previously, key democrats were strictly opposed to the Nuclear option - fearing it was unstable, radio-toxic and would only create more environmental problems - have recently decided to support the nuclear option - if it means more republicans will sign onto the climate bill.

Notably, senator Kerry who has been known for his long-time support for climate legislation said "We're going to work in a bona fide way with everybody to see how to bridge a gap here. We've got to get a 60-vote margin. That means you've got to legislate, which means you have to compromise."

The current legislation being debated includes a "preliminary section on nuclear power that provides greater incentives for worker training and research, as well as funding for the NRC's program to study the feasability...of expanding comercial reactor use beyond their current 40-year licenses"

How has the NRC responded? They believe it's a "step in the right direction" however more comprehensive nuclear reform will be needed to revitalize the industry.

The democrat's decision to barter with the republicans and make concessions is both monumental and proactive, especially at a time where there is such a great schism in congress over the healthcare bill. The Kerry-Boxer proposal is not just "a step in the right direction" it makes the necessary compromises that are at the heart of popular legislation, and potentially the signal of a new-wave of bipartisanship to come.


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