Thursday, October 8, 2009

Solar Energy Industry Facing Bind in German

Summary: This news generally reported about that German solar energy firms are facing a hard time now. They said they had bad enough situation since the solar energy industry is failing due to the collapse in the sale, and the new German government made it worse. The firms reported that German government is abandoning solar energy industry. They reported that solar energy firms did not get much investment because solar panel is only good investment for household. The new German's great promotion on nuclear energy, the discontinue of the fund that reinforce the solar energy panel sale, and the competition from Chinese manufactures are the main reasons why solar energy is failing in German. The original article is from Yahoo! News on October 2nd. Please click here to check original article.

Comments: The energy is highly related to national and international politics. This article reminded me about the failing of solar energy in United Sates in 90s that we talked about in class. the causes of the failing in U.S. are similar to German, like the shrinking of the demands, the new government policy that do not support solar energy, and the competition from other energy sources. I personally do feel that solar energy is a competitive source compare to others. It is safe, clean, renewable, sustainable, and rather cheap. I think he reasons that solar energy did not become the major source to generate electricity are that first solar is rather unstable, cause we can only get them during the day, and we have to store them to prepare the usage during the night. Second, I think that the cost of building the panels is the main reason keep the low demands in the market. Third, the transition difficulties that caused great electricity loss made some it is impossible to use solar energy in certain regions. Last, I think another reason is we have enough other types of sources for current uses. However, solar energy can be our future, and also the great opportunities for the third world countries. Even though U.S. has plenty natural sources, lots of countries like islands countries in Asia do not. So, The solar could be a great solution for the electricity shortage.

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