Monday, October 5, 2009

From Turbines and Straw, Danish Self-Sufficiency

How much of the renewal energy we produce do we need to cover all our consumption of energy? Would it be possible to subsist only with renewal energies? That is what a small neighborhood in Samso, Denmark is trying to do. It is time to do our best and exploit the natural and renewable energy sources, without damaging the planet or consuming the planets limited resources.
There are many ways to get energy, not only those of which we all have heard about like wind, sun or water. What about becoming energy self-sufficient? This can be accomplished, maybe it is not the most comfortable and fast way to do it, but it works. It can sound like taking steps backwards in our development, but it is worth it if we can keep preserve nature. Nowadays it is much easier to pay for fuel and natural gas and get all the energy without doing anything else, but what will happen when these reserves are consumed? Maybe it is time to realize what is happening around us, and have a look at this Danish island and learn from them. Even if we don’t want energy sources are not unlimited, at list the ones we use most.

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