Sunday, October 18, 2009

Too Fast Too Furious: Climate Change

Many of us may know that we are at war, but what is missing is for what and with whom? Well the reason would be changing the old ways of using energy and exactly what is it that we use to simply new and improved forms. The who would have to be major companies in the energy industry and concerned parties, anyone and everyone from Exelon to Apple. Also now advocates from The American Petroleum Institute and Environmental Defense Fund , just to name a few, are also getting in on the action. Well in this article I found that even though companies in the energy business were so united once this blew over it was ever man for themselves.
The article, Energy Firms Deeply Split on Bill to Battle Climate Change by John Broder and Jad Mouawad, goes on to talk about how since it has become a war of everyone against everyone there have been bought protests and advertising campaigns thrown around the battle field. One comment that caught my attention was concerning lobbing and how energy producers have literally thrown money into such efforts. The comment more than anything gave a comical take on the situation of how desperately this was happening, “The fact that the lobbying is so fast and so furious is a positive sign that this thing is moving along,” said Mark Brownstein, a managing director at the Environmental Defense Fund and an advocate of climate legislation. “The fact that everyone is rushing to Washington tells you people believe it is real.” The war is far from over it goes from coal to natural gas, to congress from fake advertising, and well the list is endless but most exhausting to maintain.
I see all of this as just pointless; I do not necessarily mean that we should not concentrate on saving our environment but this fiasco just seems over rated. There is never a moment in which what was agreed upon is later respected let alone acknowledged. Well those in senate all I can say is beat of luck, because seems to me that you must deal with a four year old throwing a temper tantrum.

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