Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bigger In Texas

In an article released by the Associated Press it is reported that Texas' carbon emissions make it the largest carbon polluter in the US, and if it was it's own country, it would be the 7th highest carbon polluter in the world. In fact, Texas contributes more carbon pollution than California and Pennsylvania (the 2nd and 3rd ranking states) combined.

Is this really such a surprise? Not really. In a country that has it's electrical grids separated into an eastern interconnect, a west interconnect, and Texas, it can't be a new revelation to people that Texas demands a lot of electrical production and in turn contributes a lot of pollution. Texas does operate off of a lot of coal fired plants, but it also invests monies into alternative programs such as offshore wind in the Gulf, and expanding wind in West Texas.

No one should gasp at the idea that Texas contributes the most carbon pollution in the country, and no one should be surprised in 6 months or a year when the AP reports that Texas is still the largest carbon polluter in the country. With that said, hopefully this story can make all Texans look at how much they contribute, and maybe in 6 months or a year the AP will report that Texas has had the biggest decline in carbon pollution....or atleast the slowest growth rate.

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J.T. Marsh said...

I had a slightly more critical take on this article, looking at where TX stands using carbon intensity rather than total emissions. I too think we can do a lot better on emissions, especially with Texas's experience in the energy industry, and I commend your optimism.