Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Corn solution?

Here's an interesting cartoon I came upon: The driver is being chased by a $100 barrel of oil and yelling at a farmer to grow some corn. (In case you can't read it).
I realize it's a tad late with the oil prices dropping, but you get the idea. What I thought interesting though, is that people find corn and ethanol as the "savior" for oil and its high prices, but as we learned from the Smil reading, that's not entirely the case. For the amount of ethanol needed to replace oil as our primary energy source, we would need an unattainable amount of field space to grow it all. Trying to achieve that would just not be practical.
This topic though, is not something many people know about, and even I had no idea how inefficient and impractical ethanol can be until I read the text. But at least there's one positive out of this: the driver isn't asking the Saudis or any external source for help, it's domestic. Hopefully, more knowledge will come my way.

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Cassandra said...

We should send a copy of Smil to every politician with a note to concentrate on chapter 5.