Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dymaxion map: Cooperation Between Nations

This time I would like to blog about a video that for me was very interesting because its about what it is the most important thing to reach a real solution to the world’s economic dependence on oil. For some people is the development of new technologies, but the solution must be about how to join the technologies already invented and especially how to make countries cooperate among themselves to be focused towards a common goal.

As we know, United States is concerned not only because it is the largest consumer of oil and its economy depends on the correct ly supply, but also oil prices are going up, making this situation more critical. However, I believe solutions should be done it in form and not in substance, as is the Dymaxion map.

This project was the result of an investigation 30 years ago, which states that the face of a potential crisis in the supply of oil, renewable energy should be interconnected. When there is a proper coordination between them, this helps to have an alternative source of energy to oil with very good consequences: jobs generation, motivates trade and world peace, improvement of the quality of life, among other things.

Currently it is very common read and find information about the activities that major investment banks including Carlyle, JP Morgan, Citibank, etc. have. They are acquiring and injecting money into energy-related businesses, which undoubtedly will represent profitable business in a few years. Also we hear news related joint ventures between oil companies in order to compete for the extracting and distribution of oil. But what is about other matters like people needs?

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