Monday, January 28, 2008

An Energy Eye on Russia: Week 3/ Thanks to Russia, Iran's first nuclear power plant should be working at 50% capacity by Fall 2008

When asked why Iran would want to have a national enrichment program when they can buy enriched Uranium cheaply from Russia, nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili responded that Iran is investing billions of dollars into 20 nuclear power plants over the next twenty years and needs to have an assured supply. (Aka, we don't trust the "international community" or.. we don't trust Russia?) Energy security, that's what it's all about nowadays. Russia and Iran had problems all last year March to December. Though it's seems ok now that the last shipment of nuclear fuel has arrived.

And with it... more sanctions...

Russia wants the Nuclear debate to be the concern of the Int'l Atomic Energy Agency, and not the Security Council. (LATIMES, 2008)

Sometimes I just like reading the different headlines.

Iran gets last batch of Russian atomic fuel: Russia and China are even more opposed to sanctions since U.S. Intelligence recently said that Iran halted it's Nuclear Programme in 2003. "Russia says the Bushehr power plant is being built under the control of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear watchdog." - Reuters India

Too Easy to Refuse: U.S. Friendship or Nuclear Fuel? Nuclear Fuel. Thnx. "We were surprised, and somewhat reassured, that America and Europe managed to get China and Russia to sign on to any resolution. All of the key players — except the United States — have strong economic reasons not to put the squeeze on Iran." - NYTIMES

Intl. Community Supports Iran’s Nuclear Program: Numbers as to how many states are in NAM vary. But I've seen 115 and 118. The link goes to the list of member states according to South Africa. "We think and we believe that the international community is supporting Iran’s position with regard to its peaceful nuclear activities and programs. More than 120 countries in the non-aligned movement supported Iran’s position and its peaceful program and its rights within its nuclear energy program. Just two or three countries consider themselves to be the international community, they consider themselves to be the entire international community. Even the U.S. national intelligence report acknowledged that Iran is following a peaceful nuclear program in the country." - Tehran Times

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