Sunday, January 27, 2008


I would like some help on this one. The video and articles posted below are fun and give you a quick rundown on the issue.

I would like to do some further investigation into these permanent bases being set up by the US in Iraq. It is certain that the US plans to be in not only Iraq, but many other Middle Eastern countries for at least the next 40-50 years. Why are these long term plans being made? Expand or die? I feel as if this is the underlying issue. We currently have 14 long-term bases built in Iraq right now with plans to consolidate the bases into four mega-bases. These will house over twenty thousand troops each for the continuing operations there in theater.

Now, I'm convinced that the bases are to help ensure US longevity for the many years to come. I even believe that it is a preemptive strategy to fight the next great dilemma; "peak oil."

So, to the title of the blog... Where is the money? This is the part where I would appreciate some responses or direction if anyone has any. The Iraqi oil funds or revenues were seized by the US and British governments who promised to be good stewards of the cash and to ultimately return it to the Iraqi people. However, about 8.8 billion us dollars were left unaccounted for in the good stewarding. Plus, I believe that the many large oil companies have achieved a stake in the US control of Iraqi oil. I believe the bases and the money are in close connection and go hand in hand with the idea keeping the US alive.

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