Sunday, January 27, 2008

First big clean-tech IPO

One piece of news that seems to have escaped much notice during the end of the year was the Initial Public Offering (IPO) from Iberdola Renovables SA, the largest wind power company in Spain.  Iberdola is the world's largest owner of wind driven power plants. (Bloomberg)  and they offered $6 billion dollars worth of stock to the common market.  

This is a key development in the world of clean tech.  This would be considered a large IPO by any company and is the largest by a clean energy specific company to date.  Wallstreet is already taking notice.  Shares have surged recently on news that French electricity giant EDF (Electricitie de France) purchased 3% of the company. (see link)

Hopefully now the street, and larger financial community can now have a concrete example of green energy not only being a good business, but one at the scale at which it likes to deal with. (Larger companies can hire top tier Investment Banks)


Cyrus Tashakkori said...

Thanks Edward. Now, if you could only have put this Blog entry up BEFORE the IPO, it would have been even better (read: for my IRA) :). I guess our generation should get used to the idea that we missed all the good IPOs anyway...

Edward Stautberg said...

Well there was reliant energy a couple weeks ago. I heard about that beforehand, but couldn't buy stock because it was
1. oversubscribed
2. I am not Indian