Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blue recycling bins to be phased out

Well, in the spirit of blogging on something positive I found the article linked below on The City of Austin's green initiatives to be interesting. A new program begining in October will expand what Autstinites can recycle and eliminate the need to sort into multiple buckets.

The familar blue bins will be replaced with 90 gallon carts that will allow for the collection of all recyclable items. Additionally, the list of items has been significantly expanded. The change will also allow a reduction of collection from every week to every 2 weeks, reducing gasoline expenditures and associated emissions. This initiative is part of a 32 year strategy to create a "zero-waste" plan in which no garbage is sent to landfills.

See the below link for additional details:!-897704014&UrAuth=`N`NUOaN[UbTTUWUXUaUZTYU_UWUbUcUZUbU]UcTYWVVZV&urcm=y

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Cassandra said...

It's more effective to have the user sort their recyclables. There should really be multiple big bins.

Additionally, they should work harder to make sure the large sorted bins are available at apartment complexes. You have go out and get these bins yourself from the local community firehouse, I believe. (correct me if this isn't true)

I'm glad Austin is expanding the recyclables they take, it was pitiful before. I've been holding my recyclables hostage in my apartment until my building gets a bigger bin that I trust - I can tell you how much cereal I ate last semester to a T. I've heard that Austin has the best recycling system in Texas, but as someone who comes from a city where you get fined for not recycling and sorting your recyclables - I'm really not that impressed.