Friday, January 25, 2008

Renewable energy in developing countries

I am inspired by the previous blog post...I don't know if it included this, but I recently heard that France and India are working together to detect greenhouse gas emissions and compare to levels prescribed by the Kyoto protocol.
I think there should be more partnerships like these between developed and developing countries, projects in which one country, with the technology, can provide alternative energy sources for another country with rural areas that lack or are short on supply of enegry.
For example , my country, Nigeria, has a lot of rural areas that lack electrcity. Simple things like powering a refridgerator are not possible. If a developed country with the technology teamed with rural areas like those in Nigeria to provide and possibly test their technology there, (even if it wasn't just for a refridgerator, or for the most pressing energy needs) it would be very beneficial. Of course, the details would need to be worked out, because the developed country or organization might would most likely want something in return.
My main point is that is important to get developing countries on board with using (and maybe teaching them to develop) alternative sources of energy. This is where the demand for fossil fuel energy is going to grow the most in the years to come.

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