Saturday, March 29, 2008

The catch 22 of killing

The Kingdoms receive their wealth from the oil and that wealth is used to supply their palace with everything they may need. Inside each of their Kingdom, there exists tons of corruption. The Prince in this movie does not do an intensive amount of investigating to find out who the terrorists are within his land. Only when the Americans persist to find more information, he allows a thorough amount of investigation.

When you look at the situation from the Prince’s point of view, you can see why he is not able to rid his Kingdom of the terrorists with his own resources. If he were to begin searching for them, he would be killed and his entire Kingdom would be taken over. At least this way he has some control over his land even if it is very little.

The Americans killing the terrorists does not help the never ending cycle of children growing up thinking that the west is evil. The children of these terrorists see their parents killed and remember it for the rest of their lives. You can not erase that memory. I believe that if the Prince had organized some way to capture them through his people, the children will not feel as much hatred towards the westerners. Again, there would be a huge amount of turmoil within the Kingdom. This whole situation goes way over my head and seems like a Catch 22. It’s a pathetic you kill me, I kill you battle.

On a lighter note, during the entire movie, I was confused since Jennifer Garner did not have a huge action scene. Then, during the last fifteen minutes, she has an intense action scene. It was so hilarious to see and predictable since we know that they can’t make the movie without giving her a significant action piece.

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