Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"The Kingdom" lifestyle

I had never really been able to picture what a community would look like where oil company employees lived until watching "The Kingdom." I would assume that this is pretty close to what the real communities would look like, and after watching the opening scene, it struck me how much of a risk it is to work in foreign countries with such potential risks. I mean, I had always known it's dangerous, but after seeing a vivid description of something that could take place, it was just more realistic. And it's not just in the Middle East, but Africa as well.

We had family friends who were stationed in Africa per their company, and with all the political turmoil going on, it was only a matter of time before their area was under attack, and the entire family was forced to flee leaving everything behind. I guess it really makes you think how far can you go before something like this could happen. I realize the compensation is much better, but sometimes, at what cost?

I suppose it's just the nature of the beast, but movie or not, "The Kingdom" showed how easily tragedy can strike a community of people who are just doing their job trying to help solve the world's energy crisis.

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