Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Kingdom....According to Hollywod of course

Action, blood and war is the typical formula for a good hollywood-movie. I would recommend this movie for someone who wants to spend some relaxing time. But I would not recommend it as a movie related with Internacional Policy.

My impression is that this movie does not represent nothing usefull or educational, it only reflects a backward country in many aspects such as tecnological, institutional, military, etc. As far I know, the country has a modern infrastructure and a very beatiful city. I decided to find more information about Saudi Arabia and I found this video that I think it shows more the current society.

Also, the movie mentions some oil companies, like Cheveron and Exxon, as the major responsibles of the fortune of the Princes of this country. About this statement they made I think in part is true but in the other hand this has brought jobs and development for the country.

Undoubtly, if you want to learn something this movie is not going to help you.

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