Thursday, March 20, 2008

Energy Efficiency BMW-style

Looks like BMW is king when it comes to the efficient use of energy in vehicles... or at least it is compared to the Prius. On a 545-mile trip from London to Geneva, the BMW 520d averaged 41.9 mpg. The Prius averaged 40.1 mpg. This is still 8.1 mpg less than I've been getting in my SMART car lately.... but, I have to admit that the sleek lines of the 520d are very appealing. Now, if only I could convince my adviser that I should do some primary source "research" on this new BMW.

In an article published yesterday, the results of this 545-mile trip (originally reported in the Sunday Times in London) were summarized.....
"Whilst the BMW "doesn't have the external look of a green car and you don't get the same self-righteous glow when you are driving it," it does have a series of energy-saving features BMW calls EfficientDynamics: battery recharge when braking, good aerodynamics, low rolling resistance, a continuous fuel consumption gauge on the dashboard, and a six-speed manual transmission that is rated as improving fuel economy by about 10%."
(You have to love British reporting style.)

While I don't agree with the statement that the Prius was a "gas guzzler" when compared with the BMW (1.8 mpg less = guzzler?!?), this article is a good overview of the technology BMW uses to achieve their higher mpg ratings on their vehicles.

Any ideas on how to pitch this to my adviser?

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David Wogan said...

That quote is priceless!