Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Kingdom

Not really sure what additional meaningful insight i can provide about The Kingdom as countless others have already described its themes and educational value or lack thereof. I would say for the record i felt it was a solid, entertaining movie that did not come across as too preachy. Overall, i feel it was balanced in its depiction of the conflict of cultures and interests in Middle East.

The movie does not attempt to point fingers, pose a solution, or villanize but rather ask a question - What will happen next? Unlike typical Hollywood fashion, i think the movie refrains from suggesting what policy decision towards Saudi Arabia is right or who is right between the Arab and Western worlds. Rather, the movie depicts differences between the cultures and leaves it to the viewer to contemplate what should be done next...


Edward Stautberg said...

I feel that the Kingdom is Syriana for an audience that would not want to see Syriana. It gets across the basic message of "everything over there is messed up and corrupt" in a much less preachy manner than Syriana.
I would compare this to Fox News v CNN. Some may think that CNN has better content, and more hard news. However, any news is better than no news, and that is why Fox/The Kingdom, have a valuable place in society. For making difficult themes easier to understand.

TammyT said...

I especially liked how in the end, you were wondering who really was right??