Saturday, March 29, 2008

What Happened?

This week I watched the movie Syriana, and to me, it was confusing as hell. Which, by the way, I think is one of the motives of the movie. The characters in the movie are confused most of the time about their lives and the role they play in the world. With the multiple story lines continuously switching it makes the viewer become confused and only after the movie did I realize that that is the way I was supposed to feel in order to connect with the characters.

The movie does have a pretty ant-American sentiment throughout the plot. With CIA agents interacting with Hezbollah, Energy Analyst's profiting off their son's death, and overall sense that the American government will do whatever it takes to capture oil profits, you don't come away from the movie feeling too positive about the US.

Overall I liked the movie. However, like I said before, during the movie - I wasn't a big fan. After the movie I really liked it. As someone who thinks it would be interesting/fun/rewarding to become an energy analyst, it really made me think about where the line is while performing the job. My opinion? - Two Thumps Up!

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Ben Jones said...

Anti-American sentiment? I think that the qualities you have outlined are very accurate as far as Americans go and how the American political machine has operated with respect to our nation's energy policy. For a long time we have rigged the game so that we are the ones that win. It shouldn't be a revelation to anyone that has their eyes open and has a pulse that the reason we are the dominant superpower on the planet is because of this. Its a variation of the golden rule: those that have the gold get to make the rules. Or, as that guy from O Brother Where Art Thou so eloquently stated, "corruption is why we win." I'm floored that anyone would be so naive as to believe that something as important as the security of cheap energy to our national wealth and security would think that we would not be willing to "break a few eggs" along the way. Wake up.