Thursday, March 27, 2008

Syriana & The Kingdom & The Matrix

Both these movies emphasize the turmoil, risk, uncertainty, of the region and highlight the complex and difficult relationships occurring between governments, industry, and ordinary people.
I think that an interesting point can be taken from these movies (based on reality). These movies, however enteratining and dramatized they may be, highlight the West's continued failed foreign policy toward the middle east. The history of our relationship with the Middle East could be a study in failed foreign policy.

On another less serious note, for those who remember the great computer geek-scifi thriller- of our highschool lives (I think) . . . . The Matrix was driven by a underlying energy theme. The robots needed a new inexhaustable source of energy which they found in people (thus the reason for the martix and premis for the entire movie). An interesting twist on the same old energy story!

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