Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Truth!

You would think that the content shown in movies like Syrianna and Kingdom would be exaggerated for the sake of entertainment, but it's said to be even worse. My uncle works for a major oil company in the Niger Delta and he tells me that he has a whole convoy of police protection whereever he goes as kidnapping and murder of foreign employees is pretty common. Kingdom portrayed a mini city of foreign nationals that was completely isolated from the rest of the country( Saudi Arabia). I thought that the main theme of the movie was eye-opening. Jamie Foxx and his group of officials go to Saudi Arabia to investigate the crime scene left behind after a terrorist attack but mainly to take revenge. In the end they kill the main militant supremo who masterminded the attack and the movie finishes with the grandchild of the slain militant vowing to take revenge. I think that this brought out a very imporatant point. That this would be a never ending cycle and it would be at the expense of many innocent lives.

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Nilou said...

I want to first mention that again as Ashwin mentioned not only these fact were not exaggerated but there are even worse. Though the point I want to take away from this movie is the effort (many unethical) Us government and some companies go through to get what I want and in this process they don't mind sacrificing even American lives. I want to also put attention into two events. First of that suicide boomer, he was a regular poor kid wanting to have a good life him being attacked and getting treated the way he did got him attracted to extremist. Could that be avoided? of course ! only if anybody ever would care. The second point. Iran was mentioned as a cultural alie. Though we still using suchhh bad policies that is making everybody around the world frustrated. We turn alies to enemies very easily and we have not realized the consequence yet since those on top of our government are ignorant and arrogant.