Sunday, March 23, 2008

Latin America Energy Conference

Certainly, as the invited lecturer (Man with his cute-daughter) said, we are experiencing a change similar to the Internet-revolution occurred late 90's and early 00's. I came across with the Insitute of Amercas web site, and I found that they are going to held a Conference in La Jolla, California next may related to Energy issues in Latin America.

Sometimes, at least for me, it is difficult to think how Developing countries could participate in the world´s changing process, given the fact that the infrastrucure nowadays is not efficient, old and barely operates with minimum standards. And if we consider that most of the countries have corruption, it is hardly to settle the basis for the future.

But now, people of Latin American coutries understand the problems and want to be ready and willing to participate. Next May, an important conference will occurr in california, companies such as Exxon, BP, Total, McKinsey and Co., and others will be there for two days discussing Energy issues.

I think it is a great opportunity for those students who are interested in or want to specialize themselves in this topic.

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