Friday, January 18, 2008

Construction of coal-fired power plants on the decline?

I heard recently that TXU had cancelled the construction of a few coal fired plants due to some concerns with pollution global warning. Although I believe that we should be doing something about global warning as a whole, News like this makes me wonder what companies like TXU can and should do in order for their business to grow. This article also explained PacifiCorp, a west coast based utility provider as facing the same problem, they had to cancel building two coal fired plants in Utah based on environmental concerns from the city of Los Angeles, a major customer. Pacificorp does not have a substitute plan for this project (the expected date to bring this project online is 2012-2014). The other viable options, like Nuclear Energy & Natural gas are currently in use and can't compete with coal in terms of cost. The next best thing can be to perform research in and promote low energy emissions, but this has proved to be expensive, a recent plan for a coal fired plant with this kind of technology could possibly be postponed due to it's high cost. I've heard of research involving the capture of CO2 emissions from coal plants, but the article also explains that if this is the way the problem is solved then Nuclear power plants might just be cheaper in due time. I'm really looking forward to seeing what changes are made over the following years....

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