Saturday, January 19, 2008

One Wedge at a Time

In the October 2007 issue of National Geographic, there is an article about "Carbon's New Math."  In the article, there is a suggestion about how to cut emissons, developed by Princeton researchers Socolow and Pacala.  They described 15 "stabilization wedges" that use existing technology.  Each wedge would reduce emissions by a billion metric tons a year by 2057.  Adopting 12 of the 15 wedges could lower emissions 50% by 2057.

The wedges are divided into four main groups: 1) efficiency and conservation, 2) carbon capture and storage, 3) low carbon fuels, and 4) renewables and biostorage.

(See link for the listing of the specific wedges)

I like that the approach is a combination of various wedges -- it makes me feel like there's a realization that not one thing is going to solve the problem.  However, I am a little skeptical on how feasible all the wedges are. 

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