Sunday, January 13, 2008

WebberEnergyBlog: I don't understand oil futures

WebberEnergyBlog: I don't understand oil futures

Hello Michael and Blog group! This is my first entry on any blog and I promise to always be respectful of all views and hope that I get the same in return. I am over 60 and not the brightest bulb in the pack, but I am very enterested in energy and how we can maneuver through the coming mine field of change.

Of course the Iranian actions were strange, and the motives probably complex. Over the years I have always found it advantageous to say: "Follow the money!" With almost instant world communications so many of the financial and commodity markets can be influenced by media hype that you have to wonder what actions are possibly orchastrated to cause just those fluctuations. On the other hand I am NOT looking for a conspiracy theory! I like the "Keep It Simple Stupid" analysis as my first choice - unfortunately we live in a very complex world where the true answers to questions are very difficult to find. This can lead one to cynicism which is not a position from which one can influence change.

I welcome your efforts to bring talented young people to be a part of building new solutions!

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