Sunday, March 2, 2008


Maybe somebody already has heard about the Hydrogen Cars, but even that someone has heard of them, probably, like I, never has not seen one before. Yesterday I saw the new ad about new BMW's car, Hydrogen 7, simply incredible!

Not only it is possible to have luxury but also green emissions with this car. The performance of the car is as better as a gasoline engine car. This means that even when markets are demanding big cars, and especially in the United States where cars are bigger than other places, there are some ideas and solutions that allow big companies continue having attractive profits and also changing the way to do business in a positive way.

For me it is important to have an image of what I am learning, we have learn about Nuclear Plants, Solar Panels, Smart-Green Houses, and so on, but honestly it will be beter if we can have a tour to one of those plants and learn from first hand. I encourage you to see this video about the BMW’car, and also to visit and research about the new technologies we are studying.

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