Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Campaign goes door-to-door

This story states how student supporters of the Obamas' campaign went into some dorms and asked residents to support their campaign. It goes on to say that although no complaints were made against the supporters, the door-to-door campaign does not meet the guidelines of the Division of Housing and Food Service at UT Austin.

A lot of us are excited about what Barack Obama ideas, and many are moved by him, but when this literally translates into supporters moving into dorms to solicit support, it becomes an issue. I like to hear people speak on the street, I like to hear people speak at rallies, what I don't like is people knocking on my door and invading my space.

In the debates and in his speeches, I have seen Obama take the high road on a lot of negative campaign tactics. These include the surfacing of his pictures in traditional Kenyan attire, and the use of his middle name in referring to him. I don't think the door-to-door in your face technique is something that he would condone. I also think that when tactics such as this are employed it takes away from the man and his ideas.

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