Sunday, March 2, 2008

China Water Pollution Act

According to the statistic data released by the Chinese government, “more than 70% of the country’s waterways and 90% of its underground water is polluted” (AHP 2008). The Chinese government had passed legislature to fine the companies for polluting the waterways. However, the result was not improved. In February 2008, Beijing Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress passed a law stating not only the company will be punished, but managers participated will be fined for any water pollution caused, hoping punishing individuals will decrease the occurring of water pollution.

Water pollution in China has become a crucial problem that needs to be addressed. Dr.Webber mentioned the biggest public health problem in the world is the access to clean water, and China is facing that health problem right now. Not only China is facing severe water pollution, it is also facing a severe water shortage. The poor quality of China’s scarce water is creating significant health impacts, especially in the rural areas. There are “300 million people lack access to piped water” (China Cost) and increasing number of death for the lack of clean water. In the article China Cost of Pollution, it says “the main pollutants are changing from heavy metals and toxic organic chemicals, which are typically related to discharges of industrial wastewater, to pollutants from nonpoint sources.”(China Cost) Non point sources refer to pesticides and fertilizers from agriculture, they were the the greatest contributor. Water is the most essential element for life; therefore, the Chinese government needs to address the problem now and strengthen their environmental policies.

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