Sunday, March 2, 2008

Companies seem to be making the first step in buying renewable power

In Texas, as many already know in this class, that Renewable Energy is increasing in supply, especially in the wind sector. Hundreds of new wind turbines have been going up in North Texas, which I recently was able to see while I was on my way to Colorado. During this trip I had to pass through Lubbock, Abilene and Amarillo and I saw many of these wind farms on the side of the highway. This is my second time making this trip to Colorado and the first was a couple of years ago and I don't remember seeing these the first time. This shows how fast the state of Texas is working on being the leader in Renewable Energy.
The link provided shows a chart which has Texas as the number one provider of Renewable Energy in the US, which is almost double the runner up, California. The prices were originally very high but due to renewable energy tax credits they were able to be dropped to a competitive prices. The main issue with providing all this energy is people have to pay a little extra for it and it turns out that the biggest consumers are corporations. The idea of a "green" company is helping them become a more successful business. The price of this renewable form of energy is only about a cent more per kWh and is easily affordable for companies, cities, and public universities which is why they are the largest consumers. There are still those who will pay the extra amount to know that their electricity is coming from renewable energy. But still, as mentioned in the article Elizabeth Souder, the people who are pushing for the cities and companies to go "green" are not adopting these same ideas for their private lives. This irony can be due to many reasons, and I too am also one of these people, which mainly due to the fact that I am a student it will not change until I can find a good paying job.

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