Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Energy Contributions Cont . . .

Just to further the last post about donations from big oil; sizeable donations have also been made from king coal and company.
From the LA Times, 27-Feb. 2008

'BILLINGS, Mont. -- Facing a bruising fight over climate change, the coal industry is on the political offensive this election year to ensure that no matter who wins in November, so does coal . . . .

'The companies bankrolling Americans for Balanced Energy Choices include mining giants Peabody, Consol, and Arch Coal; railways Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, BNSF and CSX; and utilities Southern Company, American Electric Power and Duke Energy.

'Combined, those companies are worth more than $200 billion. The coal industry has given a combined $38 million to federal candidates since stepping up their climate change campaign three years ago. More than 65 percent went to Republicans, according to an analysis of campaign data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

'But utility companies that burn coal are now putting almost half their money behind Democrats. Obama topped the list of all recipients this cycle with $248,000. Clinton was second with $200,000, and McCain was ninth with $93,000.

'The Center for Responsive Politics' Massie Ritsch said the coal industry's historical "true color" is red, but with Democrats controlling Congress and making a strong run at the White House, "they're having to renew some friendships with Democrats."

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