Sunday, March 2, 2008

Green Earth Technologies

Americans have produced a glut of beef tallow, ever since the media made us aware of how hard it is to burn off those pesky trans fats. Now that we can have our french fries and eat them too, what do we do with the 200 lbs of beef tallow left over after a cow is processed?

CEO Jeff Marshall of Green Earth Technologies has created a motor oil primarily consisting of cow fat. Not only does their motor energy decrease our consumption of petroleum, but the motor oil also allegedly decreases polluting emissions and greenhouse gases. Hopefully soon they will displace the need for petroleum in beauty products. Another benefit of the motor oil is that "[y]ou could spill motor oil over the back of boat--it doesn't harm the environment." The oil is even packaged in biodegradable materials.

The ambitious Marshall also wants to create a "green label" for chemical products and is working closely with the DOE, EPA and American Petroleum to accomplish this goal.

Nano Chemical Systems Holdings is producing their own rival green motor oil. Their motor oil, however, is made primarily from the palm oil harvested in Indonesia, which is not very "green" as we have come to know.

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