Sunday, March 2, 2008

SWE Magazine

In the Winter 2008 SWE Magazine (I'm questioning the date they put at the top), the cover is "A greener America=New Growth Fields for Engineers."

Some of the interesting quotes from the article are:

"As sustainability becomes a priority, engineers are discovering unique opportunities to innovate."

"Studies show that renewable energy and energy efficiency create jobs of all sorts.  These two industries were responsible for 8.5 million jobs in 2006..."

"The AquaBuOY is a wave-energy converter that captures the movement of oceans waves to provide a renewable energy source.  Wave technology is one of a growing number of engineering career option emerging from the greening of America."

"If You're a Student:  many students are already enrolling in courses with green potential.  Virginia Polytechnic Institute and [Virginia Tech] has seen its bioprocess engineering program grow from two students to 45, in just four years."

"Holness foresees gasoline spiking to $5 a gallon in five years and believes that will open the way for even more research and development of new, sustainable technologies. 'I think we'll see a major change in American culture,' he said. 'I see a strong movement led by young people for sustainability.'"

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