Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Voting Ethics

I know that there have been several loop holes in the past that people have done in order to gain victory, like getting "dead" people to vote or messing with the ballots, but never has an election bothered me so much.

After the recent victories by Clinton over Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island, I was a little shocked to see these outcomes. But after talking with some people, I heard that many of the Republican voters were so afraid of Obama gaining so much momentum in the polls, they resorted to voting for his competitor, Clinton, in the hopes of making it easier for McCain to gain victory at the end of the year. I couldn't believe that some people would resort to these tactics and it just seems completely unethical to me. If you support a candidate, you should vote for your candidate and not use your vote to block other candidates from gaining more states. I understand that this may have not been the reason for Clinton winning the popular vote in these last three states, but I have heard of this happening from several sources and wouldn't doubt that it was a tactic performed by many more.

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