Sunday, March 9, 2008

Get out the vote

I voted early. I've never voted in a primary and am not the person who votes for local elections. I head out every two years and visit some local elementary school, vote for my president/governor and look at my local candidates party, I choose in order: libertarian, independent, or democrat, without necessarily knowing who I just selected for local election.

This time was a little different. Last Friday, I heard a show on NPR where there was a panel of experts who would take calls regarding the difference between Clinton and Obama's policy. The theme was apparent: there are no major differences between the candidates view on almost any issue. Without any difference in policy, who was I going to vote for? I hadn't considered voting for anyone other than a democrat, but didn't know who I liked more. I have always tried to keep up with a candidates position on key issues, and vote based on that. Early on in the election I really liked Hillary, but after much debate with friends decided perhaps Obama was a little less "big politics" and could stand a better chance in the national election against McCain.

I waited in line over an hour the last Friday of early voting. I got to my computer and froze. I thought I had decided on who I would vote for but kept turning the dial between the two democrats. Without any difinitive difference it came down to liking a candidate based on personality. How can I choose between two people whose character I can't really assess? Long story short: I voted Obama, but didn't return to caucus.

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