Sunday, March 9, 2008

John McCain and his energy policy

I spend last week in long line of the caucus voting. The turn out was huge and unbelievable. It was not only older folks but many and I say manyyyyy young people in the lines to caucus. I started to wonder what is the reason for the long lines of voting? Is it just a political excitement for change? Or is it the news of an economic hardship and rising oil prices? All these were followed by John McCain becoming Republican nominee. I could not keep myself from wondering if he is going to have same weak policies of Bush regarding energy and environmental policies. At this point the more I read into McCain’s energy policies it resembled Bush’s speeches more and more where he said it all but did not do much.

I might be wrong on this but I am not hearing anything more than what we have already heard from our dear president why should I believe John McCain’s speeches?

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