Sunday, March 9, 2008

More on Election

This week, Hilary Clinton stumbled but stood right back by winning both Texas and Ohio, and then a huge win in Rhode Island. Both Clinton and Obama speak eloquently and demonstrate exceptional leadership skills. The two target different groups where the supporters for Obama are “mostly upscale, independent, and republicans” (ABC news), while the supporters for Clinton are “mostly white, many are woman making earnings more than 50K” (ABC news). Obama is not a regular member in the party; therefore, convinced voters are more likely to support Clinton, but his embody to change appeals to the public and attracts numerous votes.
Hilary Clinton’s negative campaign with the “3 AM” where she said Senator McCain got the experience, she’s got the experience, but Obama doesn’t, was not necessary but created a great impact. I think campaign is about proving to people their ability to lead, and show contrasts between the candidates. It is not about going negative to rivals in order to win votes. Clinton not only campaigned “3 AM”, she also talked about Ken Starr, reminding people what they don’t like (ABC news). Also, the public has an image of Obama not being tough, because he did not respond to Hilary Clinton’s attack. The battle is about winning Pennsylvania now since it is a ten points win.
The key states, Florida and Michigan, are still not seated. Michigan does not have a proposal yet but came up with two methods. The first one is to vote by mail-in ballot, and the latter is about split the delegates 50/50. The first costs $5 million to run, and the latter is an advantage for Obama’s campaign (ABC weekly with Stephanopoulos). These states are too important not to be seated, and need to find a solution soon.

ABC news this morning showed an interesting poll, the poll shows
First black president (+8)
First woman president (+9)
A 72 years old president (-23)

These numbers show American is greatly concerned about age. The age issue may be something that will have an effect on voters.

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